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An Ode to Dice

A modern poem for gamblers of all ages featured on BlogNostics.

Designated Smoking Area

A modern poem featured in the Fall 2013 issue of Wild Goose Poetry Review.

Firm Purchase

A modern poem of online commercialism featured in Stepping Stones Magazine.




We Used To Build

This contemporary poem that speaks to the loss and renewal of spirit to build and connect with the foundations of human achievement. (Available on Smashwords)

Exit Strategy

(Honorable mention on Goodreads June 2014 Newsletter).

Crash through the cubicle wall and cry

Freedom as you race past the security desk.

Lace up those boots born for walking.

Savor the crunch of the dry leaves beneath your feet.

Touch the low branches along your path as you would

caress a well-earned paycheck.

Arrive early to greet the morning fog.

Stay late under a canopy of approving stars.

Usher in an outdoor life.

Outsource your inner qualms.

Hire the sun to be your clock and appoint

a white rabbit to manage your calendar.

Lounge on the soft grass of your new office, and

tell the mocking birds to hold all calls.

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